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Great New Product for a New Year!
Boswella Capsules & Boswella Cream
All Natural Pain Relief for dogs, cats, or horses.

Dr. Paul Weiseth
WELCOME TO AnimalHealingConference.Com
Holistic Health Care for Your Pets

The Animal Healing Conference Veterinary Hospital staff is devoted to offering total care & comfort for your pets. Our products are made with your pets Holistic Health in mind. We stay up-to-date on the latest technology & our staff gives a high standard of service.

ESSENTIAL OILS THERAPY gives relief & relaxation through your pets’ sense of smell. Animals often respond in similar ways as people. & we have found these Essential Oils work very well for arthritis, calming, trauma, inflammation & ear mites.
ESSENTIAL OILS ARE ALL NATURAL & are distilled from plants. They oxygenate your pets’ blood & relieve their nervousness. Whether it’s for dogs left alone everyday, cats with ear mites or a pet that is passing on, these formulas are 100% synthetic-free & rarely have side-effects. They are also less expensive than drugs.

CHINESE HERBALS ARE ALL NATURAL & come from Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) which is one of the most rapidly growing areas in veterinary medicine today. They are becoming the new frontier in pet health care & are offered as supportive care for your pets’ medical needs. These are very powerful products that deserve respect and thorough investigation prior to use.
Do not hesitate to call (800)332-4551 or contact us via our e-mail PRODUCT SUPPORT FORM with questions.

Wildlife Removal Services: If you are in need of Emergency Wildlife Removal Services contact Paul Smith. He provides local squirrel removal, bird trapping, bat trapping and more. They offer our clients 24/7 services.

Dr. Paul Weiseth joins with HealthyPetNet... providing responsible products that enhance the quality of our pets' lives. Click Here

Dr. Paul Weiseth, DVM is Licensed in Veterinary Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry; is always looking for new ways to improve the care he provides. That’s what PET ALERTS is all about.

   Check out VetTalk for a host of articles ranging from “Vaccinations” to “Flea Control” & so much more!
   Our "Love at First Sight" adoption program, supported only by your donations, is a great place to find a healthy & compatible companion.
   Check out our FIRST AID for the most commonly asked questions.


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Our non-profit Pet Adoption Program was developed by our staff to find good homes for animals in need.

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